End of an Era as Digital Age Towers

A moment away from IPO alternatives as I couldn’t resist commenting on the announcement yesterday that the Encyclopedia Brittanica is giving up its printed edition in favor of only their online version.

As a kid, our World Books were a constant source of helpful information for tons of school assignments, bet settling, and memorization of the Presidents, the capitals, etc. It was always interesting to see the yearly update books providing perspective on the events of the previous year.

The world has changed so dramatically in the last 15 years, almost entirely in a good way. The information explosion brought by the Internet and its scrunching of the size of our globe has been tremendously transformative in ways we are still discerning. Our kids are going to inherit a much different culture than ours. Does it give them too much too soon? Maybe a little. Does it provide extraordinary access to unlimited opportunities for personal growth? Yes. How to balance? Carefully.

At Disney World’s Spaceship Earth ride you see how human communication evolved through the centuries. The fact that the last 15 years have managed to leap us forward about 100 zillion times further than any prior development in such a short time is simply breathtaking. What’s next? Can’t wait to find out.

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