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06 Sep Sell-Side Liquidity Solution for Owners of Private, Closely-Held Businesses: Crowdfunding PIPE Transactions Directly into a Reverse Merger

Approximately 10,000 baby boomers will retire each day for the next 19 years. Of these, it is estimated that up to 7% own and operate businesses. With roughly 25% of the U.S. population retiring in the next two decades, the largest transfer of both personal and business wealth in the history of mankind has already begun. Significant opportunities exist for dealmakers assisting in the transfer and consolidation of business assets over the next two decades. Our model offers an alternative to traditional private equity for accredited investors looking to take advantage of the large growth in the M&A market over the...

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marijuana reverse merger

05 Sep Getting High on Marijuana RTOs

There have been an overabundance of marijuana RTOs in the news lately. So much so that the SEC has even issued a warning regarding investing in these securities. Additionally, many of the shells (both manufactured and otherwise) are explicitly restricting investment in marijuana or cannabis-related businesses. We ourselves will not get into this arena--for numerous reasons. Here are a few reasons marijuana-related reverse mergers represent a high risk for investors and the public at large. Legality Outside the SECĀ  Some pot-centric businesses are not even legal. The SEC may issue the green light on a reverse merger with a business focused on...

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01 Sep When Will You Need a Full Proxy Statement

The nuances and changes that naturally occur throughout the reverse merger process will often require approval from the shareholders from a solicitation referred to as a proxy statement. Certain changes to the firm may require a full proxy, requiring a shareholder vote of approval so as to solidify any changes to be made. Here are some clarifying areas that may or may not require a full proxy. Private Placements and Public Offerings--If duly authorized under a company's charter securities offered via a private placement or public offering generally do not require a full proxy or shareholder approval. Change in the Board --If...

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