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Multilevel Marketing

08 Sep Why MLMs Make Some of the Best Reverse Merger Targets

I personally know some folks who have done extremely well starting and establishing network marketing companies. Those that start the companies are the ones that really make out like bandits. They're quite literally at the top of the food chain. To understand the nuances, benefits and issues relating to MLMs, it would be wise to visit the Wikipedia page outlining the various business models. It's a pretty good neutral version of the business model. Many other articles out there are simply "warnings" for the unwary. Love them or hate them, MLM businesses have been successful across nearly every market niche.  They also...

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marijuana reverse merger

05 Sep Getting High on Marijuana RTOs

There have been an overabundance of marijuana RTOs in the news lately. So much so that the SEC has even issued a warning regarding investing in these securities. Additionally, many of the shells (both manufactured and otherwise) are explicitly restricting investment in marijuana or cannabis-related businesses. We ourselves will not get into this arena--for numerous reasons. Here are a few reasons marijuana-related reverse mergers represent a high risk for investors and the public at large. Legality Outside the SEC  Some pot-centric businesses are not even legal. The SEC may issue the green light on a reverse merger with a business focused on...

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